PITT: Now supported by Genspect

For several months, PITT has been putting out essays and personal stories written and edited by parents directly impacted by gender ideology. We’re pleased to be able to get our voices out, and even more pleased that people are starting to listen and to read about what parents and families are going through to safeguard our children from the gender industry.

There’s a downside to our momentum. The attention we are getting is putting us at risk from the gender activists and complicit medical practitioners that stand to lose when this Gender House of Cards collapses under the weight of its own nonsense and illogic. Apparently they don’t like us asking for proof that their “treatments” work before we allow our kids to be neutered, sterilized, and/or have their breasts and other organs cut off as sacrifices to the almighty gender gods. Or that we demand to know the risks, short- and long-term impacts of wrong sex hormones on the body and mind before we hand them out like so much rainbow-colored candy to all the confused teens and young adults of the world.

The House of Cards is already starting to topple, but those who have profited by the destruction of our children’s mental and physical health have made it clear they will be going down fighting.

So, we’ve made an important decision. We reached out to Genspect, a new organization formed this summer to be the outward voice of parents, and asked for their help. They readily agreed to amplify our voices and to support our newsletter. They also agreed that PITT will remain written and edited exclusively by parents who are directly impacted. And, our voices will never be censored or muzzled. Our experiences and thoughts are based on our raw, first hand experience and that will not change. The views and opinions expressed on PITT are those of the parent-authors and do not necessary reflect the official positions of Genspect.

PITT will never be behind a paywall. We are not professional writers. We are just parents intent on publishing our information, resources and stories to help other parents like us find courage, support, and strength.

If you’re looking to put your energy and money behind an organization meant to help parents and kids avoid harmful medicalization of a social contagion, consider supporting Genspect. We believe that they will use their funds to develop a force to be reckoned with, with professional writers, media spokespersons, scientific and medical studies (which often need sponsors to proceed), thoughtful therapists, and lawyers to help fight this medical scandal in the courts.


The Parents of PITT